Garrison, and Crystal Peak

Old journal entries, May 21, 2003, West Desert, Utah

Cottonwood, graves, and light.

The raw native sandstone, faintly inscribed.

Granite black, etched roses. Ruby Young Fowler, May 6, 1891 – April 1, 1918, “Beloved Mother”.

Dove in sandstone. “In memory of Mary E. Young”, born Dec 30, 1871, died Dec 17th 1880, “…farewell my dear…no longer must I stay.”

“In memory of Leroy Young, son of B and Mary E. Young, born Oct 15th 1867, died Nov 30th 1880. “Weep not for me.”

“Ray G, son of E & M Heckethorn, Dec 17, 1884 – May 15, 1911″ – “The angels called him.”

“Eugene L. Son of RC & L Heckethorn, April 15, 1909, June 6, 1911. Darling we miss thee.”

Then next day the journey through heat and light to Crystal Peak.

After years of seeing the mountain from afar, from over horizons, I am here.

Silence. Stillness, except my mind.

Warm yellow glow on startling white; improbable peak.

Oh how I wish I were free.

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